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International Journal of Social and Behavioural Sciences

International Journal of Social and Behavioural Sciences Vol. 5(1), pp. 009-037 January, 2024 ISSN 2327-719X ©2024 Academe Research Journals


Full Length Research Paper

Visual Narrative of Omuo festival in Isiokolo Using Photography as an artistic medium

Ozeh, Obruche B.A (ED), M.FA

Department of Cultural and Creative Art  Tony G. College of Education, Oton Sapele

Corresponding author. Email: obodoovie22@gmail.com Phone: 08062659242

Accepted 21 December, 2023


The Omuo festival in Isiokolo is facing extinction due to the influence of Western culture. Without intervention, the youth may forget the festival's significance. To keep its memory alive, the study aimed to create a visual essay of the festival. The objectives were to visually document the Omuo festival for posterity. The research used a digital camera, scanner, personal computer, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Corel Draw, and printer, along with a digital recorder and photographs. This studio-based study captured major scenes with a camera, later editing them with Photoshop and Corel Draw. Data collection included library research using journal articles, books, and internet resources, alongside interviews with community elders knowledgeable about the Omuo festival. We produced a photo album and a photo storyboard. Our findings suggest that Western cultural influence poses a threat to the festival. Consequently, we documented the festival in a visual essay format to ensure its preservation for future reference. The study recommends further research to comprehensively record other aspects of the community's culture.

Keywords: documentary, photography, cultural festival, Omuo deity, visual narrative