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About Us 

Academe Research Journals (ARJ) is an open access oriented journal publishing organization, owned and managed by African scholars and Institutions. ARJ is poised on offering researchers and research institutions all over the world excellent services delivered in a friendly environment by distinguished editors, editorial assistants and reviewers, leveraging on world-class technology. Conscious of the fact that in academic publishing, a journal is a periodical publication intended to further the progress of human knowledge, usually by reporting new research, ARJ took it upon itself to serve as a forum for the introduction and presentation for scrutiny of such new research, and the critique of existing research.

In line with ARJ editorial practice, upon receipt of a submitted manuscript, the journal editor (or editors) determines whether to reject the submission outright or begin the process of peer review. In the latter case, the submission becomes subject to anonymous peer-review by outside scholars of the editor's choosing. The number of these peer reviewers (or "referees") varies — typically, no fewer than two, and usually at least three outside peer review the article. The editor(s) uses the reviewers' opinions in determining whether to publish the article, return it to the author(s) for revision, or to reject it. Even accepted articles are subjected to further (sometimes considerable) editing by ARJ editorial staff before they are published. Typically, an accepted article is published one month after its initial submission.

The peer-review process is considered critical by ARJ to establishing a reliable body of research and knowledge. Scholars can be expert only in a limited area of their fields; they rely upon peer-reviewed journals to provide reliable, credible research upon which they can build subsequent, related research.

Each of the journals published under The Academe Research Journals (ARJ) cuts across a wide range of disciplines and they contain articles that have been peer reviewed, in an attempt to ensure that articles meet the journal's standards of quality, and scientific validity. The scholarly presentation of the results of research is of significant importance to ARJ if they are describing experiments or calculations, they must supply enough details that an independent researcher could repeat the experiment or calculation to verify the results. ARJ editorial board, in line with her editorial policy, does not waste time in publishing articles that mark a fundamental breakthrough in their respective fields. However, usually, rigorous rules of scientific writing are not enforced by the editors, but it is assumed that authors would have taken out time to painstakingly structure their works according to generally acceptable academic standard before sending them.