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International Journal of Educational Research and Development

International Journal of Educational Research and Development Vol. 9(1), pp. 001-003, January, 2024 ISSN 2327-316X ©2024 Academe Research Journals


Short Communication

Book Review: ADVANCING ONLINE TEACHING Creating Equity-Based Digital Learning Environment

D. Wafa Owaidhah Al-Harbi1*, Rasil Saeed Almutairi2

1*Curriculum and Teaching Methods Ministry of Education

2Imam Muhammad Bin Saud University Collage of Languages and Translation Graduate student

*Corresponding author. E-mail: Loyalwafa2019@gmail.com, rasasalmutairi@sm.imamu.edu.sa

Accepted 16 December, 2023


The emergent situation that we have faced in recent times, created new teacher workloads which should be taken into account. Like the presence remote teaching and assessing and more. In this case, employees’ no matter what disciplines or sectors they are in, are demanded to continuously keep their skills and abilities in progress, and that is why in some jobs the increments are tied to passing some of annually tests. As so, we all must be proactive in addressing the development acquirements, including challenges and needs, to make that process more orientated, and easy. It is a necessary step in this accelerated time throughout the entire lifespan. On the other hand, it is unpleased for you to be pushing to obtain some skills just because the administrator has noticed your old professionality. When we finished reading “ADVANCING ONLINE TEACHING, creating Equity-Based Digital Learning Environment” book, we found lots of subject matters that are beneficial for all digital teachers.

Keywords: workload, presence, approaches, UDL Model