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International Journal of Biotechnology Research

International Journal of Biotechnology Research Vol. 7(1), pp. 001-007, December, 2023 ISSN 2328-3505 ©2023 Academe Research Journals


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Intense Plantlet Regeneration through shoot-tip explants of Rauvolfia micrantha Hook. F. An Important Medicinal Endangered Plant

Rajesham. P and Rama Devi. B

Department of Botany Osmania University, Hyderabad-50001

*Corresponding author. E-mail: rama81379@gmail.com

Accepted 6 December, 2023


Rauvolfia micrantha species Hook. f. occupies a significant position within the biomedical sector due to its efficacy in reducing blood pressure. This is due to reserpine's presence in the roots' oleoresin component. Because of its low seed viability, sluggish seed germination rate, and vast genetic diversity, R. micrantha is difficult to cultivate commercially using conventional methods. By employing a semisolid nutrient culture medium, the current optimized protocol establishes aseptic cultures ideal for producing plantlets in an experiment. Shoot tip explants of R. micrantha were cultivated on MS medium supplemented with cytokinins TDZ /BAP/KN/ in varying concentrations (1.0-6.0 mg/L) in isolation. In contrast to all other concentrations of TDZ/KN/BAP alone, the TDZ of (4.0 mg/L) exhibited the greatest proliferation of shoot buds. As the concentration increased beyond 6.0 mg/L, the cytokinins' capacity to induce gradual growth of shoot buds diminished. On MS medium supplemented with 3.0 mg/L NAA, the laboratory-grown stalks produced additional roots. Consequently, the laboratory-grown plant, which was cultivated via shoot tip cultures, was transplanted into containers filled with garden soil and exposed to optimal light and shade conditions outside. When cultivated in a glasshouse or field conditions, 90–95% of the laboratory-grown plants survived, and 85% of the plants grown according to this protocol exhibited identical appearances. Following eight weeks in their newly transplanted containers, these plants produced flowers. The established protocol can be utilized to produce more true-to-type plants promptly.

Keywords: Rauvolfia micrantha Hook. f., In vitro culture, Shoot tip explant, Plant growth regulators, Plant Regeneration, Rooting, and Hardening.

Abbreviation: BAP (Benzyl Amino Purine), KIN (Kinetin),  TDZ (Thioduzuron), NAA (Napthalene acetic acid),  (PGR) Plant Growth Regulators