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International Journal of Agricultural Science Research

International Journal of Agricultural Science Research Vol. 11(3), pp. 006-009, October, 2023 ISSN 2327-3321 ©2023 Academe Research Journals



Erosion-Ecological Dangers of Land in Azerbaijan and their solutions (in the example, Quba-Khachmaz zones)

Prof. RAE Z.H Aliyev

Erosion and irrigation Institute of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

Corresponding author. E-mail: zakirakademik@mail.ru

Accepted 15 May 2023


The article discusses natural-economic climate and agro-climatic conditions, geological structure, soil and vegetation cover Guba-Khachmaz zones of Azerbaijan. Predefined performance indicators of soil and the degree of potential risk of erosion on the vertical zonation, as well as address issues of preventing the danger of these degraded soils.

Keywords: erosion, degradation, ravine, beams, soil fertility, topography, soil moisture, etc.