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Journal of Agricultural Economics and Development

Journal of Agricultural Economics and Development Vol. 7(1), pp. 001-006, January 2018 ISSN 2327-3151 ©2018 Academe Research Journals

Full Length Research Paper

Nigerseed value chain actors, and their constraints and opportunity: The Case of Toke Kutaye District, West Showa Zone, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia.

Hailu Megersa Injigu, Habtamu Ashagre*, and Milkessa Temesgen

Ambo University, P.O.Box 19, Ambo, West Shewa Zone, Ethiopia

*Corresponding author. Email: ashagrehabtamu@gmail.com

Accepted 23 November, 2017


The study was designed to identifying major value chain actors and their roles, constraints and opportunities of nigerseed value chain actors in Toke Kutaye district of Oromia regional state, Ethiopia. The data were collected from both primary and secondary sources. The primary data were collected from 148 producer and 37 value chain actors which are involved on input supplier, production, wholesaling, processing and retailing functions. The quantitative data was analyzed using descriptive statistics.  The result of the study indicated that the average yield of the district was 5.37quintal per hectare; and only 6.1% of the respondent farmers had access to improved seeds, while the rest used local seeds. The study also showed that limited input supply, low yield potential, weak extension support, and poor attention to the crops were the major constraint in nigerseed production. In addition, it was evident that poor agronomic and marketing practices influenced the yield and marketability of the crop, respectively. Hence, policy aimed to increasing farmers’ yield per unit area, access to improved inputs, improving infrastructure, strengthening cooperatives, promoting extension system; and supporting the local processors were recommended to reduce the challenges in nigerseed production and to promote  the value added marketing in the district.

Keywords: Actors, Constraints, Nigerseed, Opportunities, Value chain